Why are you here?

Welcome to Salvaged History. The purpose for this blog is to create a space for nearlylostforever family history photos and documents I’ve come across, to preserve them for other genealogists who may need them in their searching.

It is my sincere hope that whatever is posted here may someday help another fellow family history enthusiast.

I am new to WordPress, and I am still sorting out ways to display and organize the data that I have, to make this as user friendly as possible so please have patience as I navigate this new territory. Posts won’t always be regular, as I can only post when I am able to salvage some pieces headed to the trash, or picked up at an antique or garage sale…. And by all means, if you have found some pieces yourself but don’t know what to do with them, message me and I’d be glad to find a way to get them on the website!

Even so, be sure to follow and check back every so often to search through what’s new. I hope you can find something useful. Or please, share with a friend if the information here may be useful to them. The first step to people being able to use the information on this site is to know that this site even exists in the first place! So share, share, share away! And thank you so much! I look forward to seeing where the adventure of this blog takes me.


Backhaus-Riffel Album

Before I post anything, I’d like to explain how I met the owner of these photos. Patti does a wonderful thing for families and genealogists… she finds lost photos and attempts to get them back to their closest relatives that she can find. In one of her searches for my Step Father’s family, our paths crossed.

Being a fellow rescuer of the old and forgotten, I asked if I could include her collections in my Tumblr and Blog for Salvaged History with her email address, in case anyone was recognized. She so kindly obliged, which I was grateful for because through different avenues, we share the same end goal, and the more exposure in the genealogy communities, the better!

So every now and then, I will post photos from Patti’s  Flickr account with as much description as possible, and include her email address. If you know the family in any way or recognize the photograph, please contact Patti at patti.joyner@yahoo.com. She works very hard to get these photographs back into the hands of their rightful owners.

As noted in her album description, she believes this photo album belonged to Laura Backhaus of Frederika, Iowa. In the album are photos sent from a Mrs. A.C. Riffle in Marion, Kansas.

If you have any identifications or leads, please email the address above, because she’d love to get the album back to the family. Thank you!

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The Conner Family Bible

This beautiful Family Bible from the 1880’s was shown to me by a friend of mine after it fell into her hands. I asked if I could take photos of the family information to post here for other relatives to stumble upon, and she kindly agreed. 

   I won’t transcribe the photos. I’ll leave that up to the viewer, but I will tag the family names I see present in the Bible in hopes they find their way here. 

    This book contains a great deal of family history recorded in it. Something I’ve long coveted to see in my own family searches but haven’t come across one of our own. Truly a special piece of family history!

Class of 1928 – St. Lawrence College


Welcome to the graduating class of 1928 at St. Lawrence College, Wisconsin!

It looks like we have a fine upstanding group of young men here. During a bit of research on them at findagrave, a lot of them did go on to seminary and recieve their ordination to continue on in a life of service to the Lord. Some, but of course, not all.

If you find a relative here, and the information has been helpful to your family history searches, please leave a comment about it and how you arrived here. I would like to get these pages as much exposure as I can in hopes they’ll find their families, so it may help me to know someone has found their “someone” and how. Thank you!

I will give a quick alphabetical list here if you’d like to look for a family member, and then posted below is their photo and “yearbook excerpt” out of the school bulletin known as “The Tower”.

Ahlers, Arnold J.
Bettinger, Edmund G.
Brickl, Frank C.
Dais, Clarence
Fuller, Michael C.
Gerstenkorn, Joseph J.
Geyer, James D.
Grady, Sylvester A.
Grosser, Rudolph F.
Heinrichs, William F.
Herveat, David J.
Kirmer, Joseph E.
Lafeir, Alfred B.
Menke, Alois M.
Nadobny, Edmund P.
Rieder, Herman J.
Ritten, George J.
Scholzen, Bernard H.
Thueks, Anthony J.
 Udulutch, Joseph B.
Zerfas, Mathias E.